The Best Pet – Would you rather have a fluffy cow or a plant with eyes?: Picture Prompt #2

The world is full of big, important issues that your students could be debating, but I don’t have an example of one for you today. Instead, I have this picture prompt:

Which is the best pet? A horse, a fluffy cow, a bear or a plant with eyes? List 10 reasons why.


This is a prompt for those days when your class just needs a silly, lighthearted debate. It’s a good way to help nervous language learners stop taking themselves so seriously and start brainstorming.

Here’s a little handful of ideas on using this picture prompt:

  • Divide your class into four groups, and assign each group to a different one of the pets. (I would recommend assigning the pets randomly. It’s more fun and more challenging when students have to defend an idea that they don’t actually believe.) Encourage them to (a) compare their pet to the other pets, and (b) Think of specific examples of activities that they could do with their pet.
  • After your students are finished writing down their ideas, it’s time to debate! My debates are usually somewhat informal. I give each group the chance to state one of their ideas at a time, and then I allow the other groups to argue against it. (If anyone has any ideas for a better organized debate, though, I’d love to hear them.)
  • This prompt works well after teaching comparative and superlative adjectives. (A bear is stronger than a horse, but a plant with eyes is cuter and less dangerous than a bear.)
  • Here is a simple, printable organizer that I created to help your students outline their ideas: The Best Pet: Graphic Organizer

Thoughts and Ideas:

How else could you use this prompt in your classes? Please share your ideas in the comment box!

Today is Gonna Be a Good Day – Picture Prompt #1

Today is gonna be a wonderful day!

This prompt is a great way to follow up a lesson on using “going to” (or gonna) to talk about the future. I would recommend that you display the prompt on your projector or Smartboard, and read it aloud with your class.

Tell your students that you would like them to make a list of things that are going to happen that will make today the best day ever. Remind them them that the “be creative” part is key: Their sentences don’t have to be realistic at all. Tell them that they might say, “I’m gonna win the lottery!” or “I’m going to go to the airport and get on a plane to Hawaii.” Model a few sentences for them, and then give them some time to write. This can be done individually, in small groups, or in pairs. Your choice 🙂