Conversation Questions

Conversation questions! They’re one of the most useful things that an ESL teacher can have on hand. Most of the question lists that I find online, however, are either too complex for my lower-level students, or way too simple. I’m trying to find a good balance by putting together some lists of fun, thought-provoking questions in the easier tenses that lower-level students (between A1-B1) should be able to answer.

In this section, you’ll find lists of questions on a wide variety of topics. I’ll include printable handouts that you can feel free to distribute to your students. Please check back here soon for a growing list of questions and topics.

I would love to hear about how you use my question lists in your classes, so tell me all about it in the comment section! Also, if you have any topic suggestions, feel free to let me know about what you’re looking for, and I just might make a question list especially for you. : )

Lots of great conversation questions for Beginner and Lower-intermediate ESL students
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