Picture Prompts for ESL Classes

In this section, you’ll find lot of picture prompts that are perfect for displaying on the projector in your classrooms. (No projector? You can always print out copies, instead.)

Teaching with Picture Prompts

Here are a few ideas on how you might use these prompts with your classes:

  • Do-Now / Warm-up: Display one on your projector at the beginning of class, when students first walk in. Give them a few minutes to think and jot down their ideas. Then allow students to share their responses to the class.
  • Writing prompts: Use them to introduce a new writing assignment.
  • Team activity: A lot of these are fun to do in groups. They can be great way to get students speaking.
  • End of class activity: On days when you realize that you have 15 minutes left of class, and don’t want to start something new, these are pretty easy to pull up.
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