Conversation Questions About Feelings

Today I have some conversation questions about feelings to get your students chatting. The questions ask you to put yourself into different scenarios and imagine how you would feel in each one. I like this type of question because it’s fun seeing how differently people react to the same situations. Students will really get to know each other, and you’ll learn a lot about them.

You’ll want to start your lesson by introducing some new vocabulary to describe emotions. I would recommend choosing about ten words or so, and selecting words based on the level of your class. (For beginners, you might stick with the basics: happy, angry, tired, etc. For higher levels, you could go with ecstatic, furious, exhausted, and so on.)

Then, for some speaking practice, you can hand out the question worksheet (attached at the bottom of the page.), put students into small groups, and let them chat away!

The Questions

How do you feel when…?

  1. there is a lot of traffic?
  2. you are outside, and it suddenly starts raining?
  3. you win $10 in the lottery?
  4. your friend is late to meet you?
  5. your teacher is absent?
  6. you watch a Disney movie?
  7. you watch a horror movie?
  8. you read the newspaper?
  9. you find $100 on the floor?
  10. you make a mistake when you are speaking English?
  11. you send your friend a text message, but she doesn’t respond?
  12. you have plans tonight, but your friend calls to cancel?
  13. you hear a child crying at a nice restaurant?
  14. your friends sing Happy Birthday to you?
  15. it snows?
  16. a new ice cream shop opens in your neighborhood?
  17. you exercise?
  18. you forget your cell phone at home?
  19. you are in a shoe store?
  20. you have to speak in front of a group of people?


For your convenience, you can print out a handout of the questions above right here: Questions About Feelings

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Questions About: Being a Teenager

When you were a teenager…

  1. Who were your favorite bands and musicians?
  2. What was your favorite movie?
  3. What was your favorite television show?
  4. What sports did you play?
  5. Did you like school? Why or why not?
  6. What was your favorite subject in school?
  7. What subjects did you hate in school? Do you like them now?
  8. What did you do after school?
  9. What did you do on the weekends?
  10. Did you participate in any clubs or afterschool activities?
  11. Did you listen to your parents? Were you a troublemaker?
  12. What did you usually wear? Were you interested in fashion?
  13. Did you cook or clean?
  14. Did you have older or younger brothers and sisters? Did you spend time with them?
  15. Did you have a job? If so, what did you do? Did you like it?
  16. Did you like to read? What was your favorite book?
  17. Did your parents let you stay out late at night? What time did you have to come home?
  18. Did you like parties?
  19. Were your parents strict?
  20. Did you like being a teenager, or did you want to grow up quickly?


Want to print these questions out on a handy handout?
Click here: Questions about being a teenager

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