No Shorts Allowed: A Quirky News Story about school uniforms

When I was a child, I went to private school, and had to wear a really hideous uniform! We wore white button-down shirts with Minnie Mouse collars and navy blue sweaters with ugly yellow stripes. The worst part was the grey plaid skirts that fell 3 or four inches past our knees. We hated wearing those skirts, and would’ve given anything to be allowed to wear pants to school.

The boys in today’s story kinda, sorta have the opposite problem. They really don’t want to wear pants to school. This story would be great to use with high school or middle school students because they always seem to have strong opinions on school dress codes and gender equality. Adults love it, as well!

No Shorts Allowed!

The students at Isca Academy in England have to wear uniforms. The girls wear skirts and the boys wear long pants. At the end of June, the weather was very hot. The boys wanted to wear shorts. The head teacher said that they couldn’t. She said that they had to follow the dress code.

“It’s not fair!” The boys complained. “The girls can wear skirts. Why can’t we wear shorts?”

“Well, you can wear a skirt if you want to,” the head teacher said sarcastically.

“She said that we can wear skirts,” the boys said. “She doesn’t think that we will actually do it, but let’s surprise her. Let’s wear skirts to school to protest the dress code!.”

The boys borrowed uniform skirts from their sisters and friends. The next day, five boys wore skirts to school. The day after, 50 boys wore skirts. Later that week, 75 boys wore skirts. The boys said that the skirts were very comfortable!

Finally, the school administration made an announcement. They told parents that the dress code will change next year. Shorts will soon be allowed!

Handouts and Links:

You can print out a print out a handout of the text that you can use with your students right here: No Shorts Allowed

Check out the full article here: British Schoolboys Wear Skirts to Protest Heatwave

Be sure to check out this page for ideas on how to incorporate this into your lesson: How to use the stories

Please check back soon! I plan to update all of my news story lessons with follow-up activities, and ideas on how to use them in your classes.

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Quirky Story: Sausages for Lunch

Today, I’ve got a super-adorable storyfor you about a couple of lost dogs who really like their Sunday routine. It’s written in the simple present tense, can be used with elementary, and lower intermediate classes, and is appropriate for students of all ages.

I’ve included a handy, printable handout at the bottom of the page so that you  easily share it with your students.

Sausages for Lunch

Liz and Graham Hampson love their dogs Charlie and Theo. They are a happy family. They take walks together every day. The Hampsons make barbecued sausages every Sunday. Then the family eats lunch together. Charlie and Theo love barbecued sausages!

One day the Hampsons take their dogs for a walk in the hills near their home. The dogs run ahead into the forest. It is a foggy day, and soon Liz and Graham cannot see their dogs.
“CHARLIE! THEO!” they call, but the dogs do not come back. They are lost.

The Hampsons are very sad. They call their friends and family for help. More than 120 people come to search for the dogs. They search the forest for four days. Nobody can find the dogs.

Then they have an idea. They bring a barbecue grill to the forest. They cook sausages and wait. Finally, they hear a bark. It is Charlie! Theo is right behind him. They smell the sausages, and they are ready for lunch.

Conversation Questions:

1. Do you have pets? What kinds of pets do you have?
What are their names? What do they look like?

2. Some people say that their pets are their children. Is it possible for pets to be part of a family? Why or why not?

3. Are you a dog person or a cat person? Why?

4. What types of animals are good pets? What types or animals are not good pets?

5. What are some ways to find a lost dog or cat?

Suggested Vocabulary:

  • take walks
  • sausages
  • hills
  • foggy
  • forest
  • lost
  • grill
  • search
  • find
  • wait
  • bark
  • ahead
  • behind

Yay! Handouts!

Click here to download a PDF printable handout of the story that you can share with your students: Sausages for Lunch

This ESL news story was based on a true story. You can read the actual story here, and share it with your more advanced classes: Lost Dogs Return Home for Breakfast

Take a look at this page for ideas on how to use my quirky news stories with your classes: Quirky News Stories

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